The Level Up Your Brand Podcast

Hosted by our very own branding nerd, Martin Sully, the Level Up podcast is all about revealing spectacular brand stories, unearthing those little nuggets of business gold dust and chatting to business owners and brands that inspire us.

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Episode 7 - Crafting your Customer Journey

By curating your customers journey, you create an army of loyal customers who will be out there talking up your brand and saving you marketing dollars.

Episode 7 - Crafting your Customer Journey

Past Episodes

Episode 6 - Improve your Customers Experience with a solid Brand Promise

Learn how to nurture your brand's promise and successfully deliver exceptional customer service to your customers.

Episode 5 - When Competitors Zigs. Zag.

How brands differentiate themselves to stand out in crowded marketplaces. And keep themselves one step ahead of the competition.

Episode 4 – Attracting Customers with Martin Sully

Finding your ideal customer Part 2 - this episodes all about finding and understanding your customers

Episode 3 – Repelling Customers with Martin Sully

Finding your ideal customer Part 1 - this episodes all about setting boundaries and making a stand for what you believe in.

Episode 2 – Aligning your Brand with Martin Sully

In this episode, we explore creating a positive brand reputation, brand values and vision and mission statements

Episode 1 – Building Brand Foundations with Martin Sully

For me, branding has always been the collection of small parts that steer people's views. It's how people perceive your business and your reputation that you're growing. It's what customers, your team and your followers all think about you.