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The Level Up Your Brand Podcast, hosted by Martin Sully, is our platform to deliver education to brands and to dive deeper into frequently asked questions.

But as much fun as we have making our episodes, we are looking to line-up insightful guests with powerful messages that need to be shared.

In the past we've had:

  • Freelance copywriting expert Rachel Smith from Rachels List
  • A manufacturer of Recycled Plastic Furniture - Jess Hodge from Resourceful Living
  • KidBiz Academy owner Claire Wheeler talking all about her new book that inspires young kids to create their own businesses. She brought with her the books illustrator, Tara Clark.

Martin would love to speak to the more purpose driven brands

Fill in the form below and tell us what you want to talk about.

We want your branding questions too!

It doesn't matter whether you think it's a ridiculous question, topics on branding we've covered before are:

  • Brand Foundations - that DNA of why people should care
  • Advertising spend - and why it's so big for companies like Coca Cola
  • What branding actually is? Turns out, most people don't know
  • What careful branding does for your business
  • Building your brands reputation
  • How to create your Brand values
  • How to repel customers you don't want, by standing for something and not backing down.
  • Focusing on a niche, rather than a broad market to attract customers
  • Customer Personas, or buyer personas
  • Differentiating your brand by zagging!
  • Connecting and involving your team in the brand development
  • Working out your brand personality
  • How to choose brand colours and when's the right time to do it
  • When's the right time to rebrand or refresh your identity
  • Design trends and why to avoid them
  • Scent branding and how it can give you a lift over competitors
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