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3 bottles of essential oil are held in a hand

How to differentiate your brand using your nose

Learn why your brand needs to embrace scent branding and how it help differentiate you.

How to differentiate your brand using your nose

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3 bottles of essential oil are held in a hand

How to differentiate your brand using your nose

Learn why your brand needs to embrace scent branding and how it help differentiate you.

a navy blue twitter bird logo on a green background
Brand Strategy

Twitter's rebrand to X. A Brand Strategy Analysis.

Hasty rebrands are like giving learner drivers the keys to a Ferrari. They have all the power, but they’re gonna stall it.

White text on black reads evolution or revolution? With 2 green devil horns above
Brand Identity Design

When's the right time for a Brand Refresh or a Rebrand?

Picking the right time to rebrand or refresh your brand can be confusing. Here's the 5 signals your company needs to look out for.

neon blue text, on a bright pink triangle that reads design trends
Graphic Design

2024 graphic design trends to avoid

2024 is here, and with it, Martin Sully drops his thoughts on a slew of design trends you can expect to see. So while others zig, we zag.

Episode 009 pink text on a yellow, beneath it colour palettes in navy text on a peach background
Graphic Design

A designers guide to choosing brand colours

A consistent brand colour palette increases brand recognition by 80%. Here's how a designer would pick your colours.

microphone against a yellow background with episode 008 written on white over it

The voodoo behind Finding your Brand Personality

Honestly there's no voodoo in it, but it can feel like that when you nail it. Come in and learn how to start finding your voice.

customer experience proof, hand-written postcard, tasting notes from Market Lane Coffee

4 Ways to Create a (Crazy) Good Customer Experience Strategy

Customer Experience (CX) is the heartbeat of a brand, at its simplest it's the processes and systems that delight customers and solve their problems before they even happen.

brand promise written on a blue coloured background
Brand Strategy

Boost your Small Business by Creating a Brand Promise

As we dive further into brand strategy, we need to cross into developing a thriving brand culture so we can deliver brilliant products and services to our customers.

a zig zag background with the words build a stand out brand in white
Brand Strategy

How to build a brand that stands out?

Competition is tough! Your brand can't stand out zigging along with everyone else. You gotta Zag!

episode 4 text on a background of palm trees
Brand Strategy

The Art of Attracting your Dream Customers

Rather than repel customers, you'll want to attract some. Learn how to write buyer personas, and get a grip of how to talk to your people.

white text on a blue patterned background, reading episode 003 - the art of repelling customers

The Art of Repelling Customers

Come on in and learn the secret art of repelling customers you don't want to attract

white text on a blue background, reading episode 001
Brand Strategy

6 essentials to nailing your brand foundations

From nailing your brands foundations to channelling your inner Jedi, we start breaking down what you need to explore to start building a brand that your customers rave about.

hot metal type being used to typeset a book

What You Need To Know Before Starting A Business Podcast

I’m on a mission to help you gain clarity and confidence in your brand.

A lady in a navy shirt with a colourful floral pattern on it, laughs against an off white background

How to nail your brand photography style like a pro

Your designer should have outlined a photography style when creating your visual identity. If they didn't, here's my six-step process for nailing it.

2 images with RASTER and vector written over
Graphic Design

Picking the right brand identity filetype

Working with graphic designers doesn't need to be hard. I'm gonna show you how to pick the right file for the occasion and make your designer happy!

a futuristic photo of flowers with white text overlaid reading 'What is Brand Design?'
Brand Identity Design

Brand Identity Guidelines – How to Develop the Ultimate Brand

We hit our 8-year business birthday and celebrated with a new visual identity design and website! But what is brand design?

The seed of an avocado, the flesh in the skin of an avocado and a whole avocado
Brand Strategy

Rebrand yourself or your business in 3 simple steps

Plan how to rebrand yourself like a pro with my 3-step process.

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