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The seed of an avocado, the flesh in the skin of an avocado and a whole avocado


How to plan a rebrand in 3.5 steps

Brands are like avocados. They have layers — a seed, delicious flesh, and a skin that protects it. Plan your rebrand like a pro with our 3.5 step process.

A design of an introduction postcard with wavy lines that reads lets make waves


Our new branding and website is live!

We hit our 5 year birthday and decided to celebrate with a new brand identity and website! Come on in and learn a little more about us.

Brand Hunter

We're on the hunt for small businesses that are going a little further. People going out of their way to make experiences spectacular.

As we all adjust to COVID-19, we are doing our best to help you by creating high-quality shareable content. So, whether you're in Newcastle, the Hunter Valley, or somewhere a little further afield, come and tell us what makes you different.

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