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A page all about me, kinda.

Snapper Studio's Brand Story

I grew up in a beautiful countryside village in Somerset, England — think funny accents, pasties, cream teas and scrumpy cider (the proper stuff with chunks of apple floating round!).

Creativity and words run in my blood – think less vampirey, more that my Grandfather was a draughtsman for Concorde and my sisters a designer too.

My love of design, is only just surpassed by my love of cooking, well let's be honest – it's the eating part.

I've worked with super awesome clients like Ferrari, Major League Baseball and the King of Pop - Michael Jackson. I also worked in big marketing teams, dreaming up ad campaigns, art directing and keeping the brands I worked with looking schmick.

During my first 7 years in the industry, I discovered the norm is for an account manager to take a brief, find out the budget and allocate the project to a designer. What you don't know is your little project goes to a junior or an intern. — and those interns have to learn somewhere. Which leaves the senior designers to work on the big money projects.

There was no care, no commitment, no sleep. And all three of those things are needed in abundance. It clarified who I want to work with and how I help them.

My service is the opposite. An anti-studio studio. No question is daft, there's no crazy deadlines and the work makes a difference to peoples lives without breaking their banks.

Why Newcastle?

I get asked this all the time.

In mid 2015, my wife and I visited family in Newy, and fell in love with the place. It's spectacular, and had everything we were looking for. I wanted a creative community to thrive in, + the beaches were amazing. All up, it was somewhere we could raise our family. In February 2016 we packed up our lives and moved over.

Supporting growing brands.

The only way we can grow together is if I give you access to all my knowledge, and you trust me to point your brand in the right direction. But it's not all about me making the decisions. It's a collaboration.

Immersing myself in your business, providing brand identity design and strategies to increase your businesses brand awareness  and implementing your visual identities is my jam.

Customers become friends, who rely on me to provide them with creativity and clarity. In turn, I get a buzz helping them succeed.

supporting growing brands

My Vision is...

To create exceptional brands with tropical island clarity, rip up the norms of how traditional design agencies work and impart my knowledge so that the world benefits.

My Mission is...

To create brands that your customers love. Through thoughtful strategy, sharp visual identity design and emotive storytelling.

Vibrant palm trees against a backdrop of sunlit clouds.

My Brand Values

I'm always hands-on.

Being an integral part of your team and understanding your business is the key to success. If you’re a restaurant, hand me a knife, I’ll chop onions. When I fully understand your customer’s experience, I can offer the best solutions to fit your needs.

Ingenuity over normality.

I adore original creativity and conceptual thinking — it’s shaped my world. No idea is dismissed straight away. Let’s explore the angles and see if some deep thinking can present an even better solution.

Collaboration leads to solutions.

I love collaborating and partnering with people who love their work and value what I do. If you’re open-minded to outcomes and trust me, you’ll end up with a project that makes a lasting impact.

I'm driven by purpose.

Business is about leaving a mark. Making a difference. Whether it’s a purpose-driven brand, a thoughtfully designed document, or photography tells a story. I am here to propel the business forward and create a better world.

I believe in simplicity

Simple processes and methods. Uncomplicated work. I am always looking to make sure that two steps can be turned into one and that communications are open, honest and straightforward, with a little peppering of humour.

Three ways we can work together

a logo for chatterbox in pink on a dark green background. The logo reads chatter and it's shaped into a box.

Brand Design

Bringing your brand to life. I'll take your vision from idea to hold my Margherita Margaret, look at my new sexy brand.

Bring your brand to life $4000
doughnut topped with strawberries and frosting. with scattered fruit around it sat on a chopping board.

Brand Design Pro

Next level brand design with added brand strategy. Let's uncover what makes your brand irresistibly unique.

Brand + Strategy $7000
Print advert in a local magazine for a seafood event at a local restaurant. Using a whole kingfish on a pale white background.

Brand Booster

A 60-minute 1:1 coaching session to chat through your brand vision, find out what is and isn't working and develop an action plan to get you to the next level.

Book a Brand Booster $350