A portrait of Martin Sully, a man with glasses holds his hands out and has his thumbs up. He's against a purple background.

Alright there? I'm Martin!

Throwing my personality into this whole site is a big ask. In person, I'm a fairly reserved guy, who in inquisitive and always learning.

I live in Newcastle, Australia. I grew up in the beautiful Somerset countryside, in England. Think funny accents, pasties, cream teas and scrumpy cider — the good stuff with chunks of apple floating in it!

Creativity flies through my veins, my grandfather was a draughtsman for Concorde (the airplane), my mums a knockout knitter and my sister's a fabulous event planner.

My love of food, is only just surpassed by my love of cooking and brewing outrageous beers. The attention to detail and creativity I use for both probably echoes my design and photography work.

So, how did I get to this point?

Well, I followed the family pattern and graduated as a graphic designer in 2008, landing a dream job with a local creative agency who specialised in designing big books.

I bumped shoulders with dream clients like Ferrari, Major League Baseball, Manchester United Football Club, the Queen and the King of Pop - Michael Jackson. I met my childhood idols Péle and Eric Cantona.

Stage two

I moved to a fast paced, in-house brand design role. Working as part of a large marketing team, I was responsible for advertising campaigns, art direction and so much print artwork.

Stage three

I freelanced around different brand agencies, applying my brand knowledge, customer experience creation and artworking skills to a broad range of service and product based businesses.

I loved my jobs, but I love small businesses more.

I dreamt of being my own boss, I had aspirations and ideas that couldn't be realised in a job. I wanted to give people access to my knowledge and become known as that guy you can call for anything.

"I need to refresh my brand? Ok, fill out this form.

"I have no professional photos of me." I'll see you Friday, bring your smile.

"I have no idea where my business card designs are, can you help?" Absolutely!

Creating visual identities and immersing myself in small business is my jam. Customers become friends, they can rely on me, and in turn I get a buzz helping them.

The Crrrrrunch point

Ok, before I started this business in 2016, I spent 8 years in big agencies or freelancing. I was comfortable with most projects and situations, but my last week freelancing, was the most horrifying experience I'd had in my entire career.

Job: Artwork a 40-page magazine for a company. Monday 8am, I met the creative director "We've got you in because this is a big project." Ahhh, they appreciate my skills!

"We can pay you $35/hour." It sounds like a fun project, okay. "Which is great, as we get paid a sh*t tonne of money for it each year." Ah okay, we have a problem…

It was all I needed to hear. It clarified everything. Who I wanted to work with, who I didn't, and helped me create this experience.

My service would be the opposite. An anti-studio studio. Where no question is daft, sleep is had, crazy deadlines are non-existent and the work makes a difference to peoples lives without breaking their banks.


I want to be the one contact you need in your business.

My mission is to help your business, by creating you an engaging brand, sharing how incredible you are with the world and giving you the tools you need to grow without having to run to a brand strategist, designer or photographer every time.

Values I stick to

Being hands-on.

I love diving into a small business. If you're a restaurant, hand me a knife, I'll chop onions. A gym? Get me moving! When I fully understand your customers experience, I can offer the best solutions to fit your needs.

Food photography for The Greenhouse Eatery, Port Stephens. Located on the beautiful Pacific Dunes Golf Course.


Big. Small. Size doesn't matter. I love collaborating and partnering with people who love their work and value what I do. If you're open-minded to outcomes and trust me, you'll end up with a project that makes a lasting impact.

Photography for the City of Newcastle, a man explains to a lady in Hamilton about city plans.

Giving you best support.

I am committed to giving you the best and most relevant support possible. Your business is unique, so there's no cookie cutter support.

rolls of yellow, blue, pink and purple photography backdrops ready for shoots

I'm an explorer.

Exploration is like design and photography 101. Without exhausting angles and dot joining, you won't find the nugget of amazingness you're looking for. Sometimes, it takes time to create something you are proud of.

Newcastle beach with tourists on the beach in the summer.Apply Now