We're a design studio

who do things differently. We're adventurous. We love getting dirty. We work remotely, 4 days a week. We push concepts and we always put you first.

Hey, I'm Martin Sully – owner, brand designer and lead photographer of Snapper Studio.

I grew up in a village in the UK, went to uni, met a girl, got married and planned a trip to New Zealand. We worked and played in Auckland for over a year. And, in February 2016 we moved to Newcastle, Australia.

That's an abbreviated version of my life so far. In reality, I've spent twelve years working in brand design agencies, creative studios, publishing and marketing agencies. Working with clients you dream about when you're at learning your trade. Brands like Ferrari, Major League Baseball and MJ (yep, actual MJ) to name a few. 

I was surrounded by brilliant photographers, designers, copywriters and strategists. Crafting brand stories and putting my all into projects that I felt made a real difference.

But, life in the agency world is tough — uncompromising deadlines, a lack of sleep, winning and losing pitches against colleagues & poor customer service are normal.

It lit a fire in me to create a branding and design studio that was the opposite. An anti-studio studio. Where flexibility, collaboration and excellent customer service are normal. 

We collaborate with you to deliver brands that captivate your audience, to a timeline that is realistic. We work 8:30am to 4:30pm, 4 days a week, so we can spend quality time with family and recharge our creative minds – with no dip in productivity.

We don't pitch our creatives against one another as we collaborate for the best results.

We share all our knowledge and passion with you. We get all the little details just right. We are not your usual studio.

Much love, Martin x

Our values


We put people first.


We don’t stifle creativity.

We care about you, your team and ours. We'll give you all the support we can while allowing our team to flourish – which allows them to produce their best work for you.

Tight deadlines, cramp creativity. We work flexibly and remotely, so if you want to work in your underwear, that’s ok. No judgement. Working until 2am is also not normal.


We’re passionate about your projects.

We are passionate about working on projects that make an impact and love partnering with people who are excited about their work, are open-minded and value what we do.


We are always hands-on!

We love diving into your brand. You’re a chef? We'll chop together. A gym? Get us moving! When we understand the customer experience we can offer the best solutions!

Communication is key. We are always looking for improvements, constantly perfecting our methods and learning how to better serve your needs. We aim to make an incredible team.


We keep it open, honest and simple.