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An interesting fact about content. 74% of people become loyal to brands through content. But, you probably know that already.

If your brand's pedalling high-quality content, aka photos and videos. You're already cutting through the noise, connecting to your audience and aiding the conversion of sales.

Art-directed photos and videos communicate your brand message. Engaging customers on a new emotional level.

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People, places and product photography

We offer product and people photography and videography. Ranging from studio shoots to on-location shots. We've always said Newcastle doesn't need another brand photographer... 😜 but, who better to do it than a studio that lives, breathes, eats and sleeps branding?

We create content that represents your brand and tells your story in an imaginative new way. Making your brand shine, without all the awkwardness.

Here's a few ways we could capture your world:

Photography and Videography Ideas


Headshots – none of the typical posed school photos. That's not authentic, unless you want to give that naughty vibe. Let's focus, pun intended, on your brand's personality.


Behind the scenes – we're all a bit nosey and letting people poke around will help them feel attached to the brand.


Products and services – there's so many opportunities to get a little bit creative.


Location shots – setting the scene is important, whether you're building the up to the hero of the story, or capturing contextual b-roll. We know and use all the lingo.


Testimonials – a great way to learn what you're doing right, show off your product and elevate your brand using real customers.

Photography and videography services include

Crew Sourcing

Photographer/s (either us or someone to fit the brand photography style). Videographer/production crew. Hair and make-up. Stylists!

Location Scout

1-2 location recces.


Planning shots, storyboarding ideas and briefing the crew.


Finding models to fill the gaps in the story.


Organising props and wardrobes, hiring studios, sorting travel arrangements.

Post Production

Image filtering, retouching, editing. Video editing, grading. Delivery of final images and videos.

Before reaching out to you, I was worried about the cost and being able to establish a usable brand in the time I had budgeted for.

But, I felt supported in the process, and you got back to me quickly and efficiently, which suited me well. You were responsive to my suggestions and were open to the evolution of the brand. It has been great working with you, and I love what we have developed.

I have loved working with you so much. I recommended you recently to a colleague in NZ. You are prompt, no fuss, effective, supportive, creative and intuitive. You and your service is worth every cent.

Thank you SO much Martin. The working relationship with you makes me feel really supported. I don’t think I could have gotten to this stage without being able to bounce business stuff around. What you do is very specialised!

Dr. Gillian Maddock, EMDR Australia
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"We are so happy to have found Snapper Studio. Martin's work is creative, unique, and always fits our brief. He is great to deal with, efficient and his attention to detail is impeccable. Thank you for all that you have done for our brand, we couldn't recommend you more highly."

Rachael & Josh Pole, Infuse Health
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EMDR Australia

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Rumble Social

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