Brand Identity Design. Does my business need branding?!

Listen up

In the old days, sugar was ... plain old, sugar. No branding needed. Now, choices compete, meaning branding can make or break a business.

Our aim is not to break it. Businesses need branding. Brand strategies need a cohesive brand identity to make them effective.

Your visual identity is often the first interaction your audience will have with your brand. A memorable logo, typography and colour palette convey your desired brand aesthetic in one shot. Giving your people a dose of your brand's purpose

An engaging visual brand identity begins with 'Your Brand DNA' or Brand Strategy. This sets a design brief to develop the visual design. Investing in a shit-hot brand is the key to building a unique brand customers want more of.

promotional flyer design with a man crawling on one side and the offer on the reverse.

Strategy first, visual identity next

Paired with a Hunter Valley Shiraz, *ahem* our Brand Strategy service. We collab with your key people to create brand identities for your ideal look and feel.

Which gives you an engaging visual identity, that's ready for your website and other marketing collateral.

Brand Identity Design Stages


Moodboards – we'll collect images, fonts, patterns, textures and colours that define your brand's mood.


Concepts – we explore logos, taglines, colour palettes, typography and other brand assets and check in with you to get feedback.


Developments – after confirming a direction, we go deeper into logo variations and usage. We construct design systems for application to a wider range of applications. We explore art-direction for videos and photos.


Brand guidelines – these help us all prepare for the effective rollout of the brand and tell you how to use it.

Brand guidelines, or a brand bible are the fulcrum of your brand. They combine Your Brand DNA, with all the visual designs. Making it accessible, so that anyone can pick it up and start working with it.

What's included in 'Your Brand Guidelines'

Your Brand DNA

To start, we'll include your foundations, brand position, and target market – incl. customer personas and brand voice.


Master logos or type marks, submark's, favicons - those little logos at the top of your web browser.


Hero, supporting and body fonts that are ready for advertising, social media templates and website's.

Brand Colour Palettes

A hearty mix of primary, secondary and winning colours combos.


A statement highlighting your purpose.

Art Direction

Style guidance for videos and photography

Brand assets

Textures, patterns, and graphic elements that are ready to give texture/variation to your brand.

Design systems

We'll develop a system so your brand can be used in packaging, merchandise, collateral, outdoor signage, advertising campaigns, and social media execution. We'll also incl. example feeds templates and website guidelines.


Before reaching out to you, I was worried about the cost and being able to establish a usable brand in the time I had budgeted for.

But, I felt supported in the process, and you got back to me quickly and efficiently, which suited me well. You were responsive to my suggestions and open to the evolution of the brand. It has been great working with you, and I love what we have developed.

I have loved working with you so much. I recommended you recently to a colleague in NZ. You are prompt, no fuss, effective, supportive, creative and intuitive. You and your service is worth every cent.

Thank you SO much Snapper Studio. The working relationship with you makes me feel really supported. I don’t think I could have gotten to this stage without being able to bounce business stuff around. What you do is very specialised!

Dr Gillian Maddock, EMDR Australia
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Website Design

The focal point for your marketing efforts. A good site builds trust faster than a brickie builds walls on a Friday.

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