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The collaborative home your brand needs to flourish.

Bringing business expertise and an intimate community together to help you craft a brand your customers will love.


Growing a brand is 'traditionally' expensive

Creative Agencies are structured around a mix of designers, marketers, strategists, directors etc. They build your brand for you, based on your businesses objectives  and you get 1 monthly call with an account manager who funnels out directions to the team (ahem, juniors).

However, account managers miss the nuances of your business and the understanding of all those roles. Creating missed opportunities and wasted time.

Building a brand comes from within – it’s you and your team that do the heavy lifting. Your needs will shift every month, you won't always need a designer, so it’s understandable that the business of building brands is confusing and will leave you thinking what am I putting my money into?

From expensive problems grow innovative solutions

Maison by Snapper Studio gives you weekly access to training, tools and face-to-face time with a branding expert that is invested in your business goals.

Martin knows you need more contact than once a month – building a business into a brand is at minimum a weekly occurrence – you’ll have problems to solve daily. Which is why we added a membership space so you can get the anwers.

Mi casa es su casa.

You'll walk away with

A brand that has longevity baked in.

A brand that makes an impact.

A brand that's different.

Maison by Snapper is for

  • B2B and B2C Brands

  • Jewellery Brands

  • Small business owners with more than 2 years’ experience

  • Product and service businesses

But not for

Here’s what you receive in Maison

A Collaborative Community

You get access to a private community, to ask for feedback, chat with others in DMs, view live events, past recordings and all our branding tools.

Weekly Live Sessions

Weekly sessions to discuss branding tips, insights and areas of your business that your brand effects. With time for questions at the end of each session.

Guest Speakers

Branding isn't done in a silo. The best brands are collabs, so each month, we'll have a guest expert come in to add to your knowledge bank.

A Brand Audit

A brand audit of where you're at is the most important thing we'll do. It will help you (and us) understand where to concentrate your energy.

"Sign me up Martin!"
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Regular strategic contact is the best way to continuously evolve a business into a brand

For a long time, we’ve been thinking about how to best support businesses and be more hands-on, and this is the solution. Here's some things you might experience:

Revenue Growth

We won’t promise this, but strategic businesses, often experience revenue growth compared to those without.

Increased Customer Loyalty

A strategic brand fosters loyalty and makes people chat about your brand. So you can redirect marketing spend to make a big impact.

Bigger Market Share

Brands who differentiate themselves gain larger shares of the market by standing out. More visibility = better chances of attracting people.

Premium Value Products or Services

A strong strategy enhances perceived value. Meaning that customers may pay a premium for products or services associated with your brand.

An improved Employee Culture

Giving your team an involvement in the development of your brand leads to happier staff who are aligned to your brands values – which leads to better customer experiences.

The Brand Plan

Brand Strategies are full of jargon, but they don't have to be. You’ve heard of purpose, propositions and personas, but what does that mean.

In your membership, you'll get Your Brand Plan, an editable PDF to help you unpack your thoughts and progress your brand strategy.

And every week, we'll go deeper on a subject and problem solve together, giving you an understanding of branding that will underpin your business for years to come.

the brand plan, a layout of information pages on a transparent background

Designed for businesses who want a desirable brand

When you join Maison, you become part of a tight knit collection of business owners who support and offer fresh perspectives.

Snapper Studio’s an independent agency, led by Martin Sully, a self-confessed branding nerd, who admits that no brand is ever finished – there's always more to learn and ways to innovate to keep you ahead.

Our deep understanding of luxury branding and wealth of contacts in complimentary services like Marketing, SEO, Photography, Video Production and Copywriting gives us the ability to further your education as well.

In time, your needs will alter, and your membership in Maison will shift as your brand grows.

Building a brand is long-term, you can’t rush it, you can’t do it overnight, but the rewards will fill you with pride. If your vision is to make an impact in your industry or take a stance, we know you'll feel at home.

Customers bond with brands that align with their personal beliefs, and in turn your customers help you do your marketing (for FREE). If you’re authentic, trusted and delightful to be around, they’ll see no replacement for you.

Join Martin Sully every week and begin building your brand today.

martin sully standing over the Waitakere Ranges in Auckland, New Zealand

What makes this branding experience different?

The businesses that join you are often aligned to your values and open to collaborative thinking.

We’re all for flexibility here – there’s payment options available and you can upgrade/downgrade/cancel whenever you need.

With all subscriptions, after your onboarding call, we'll will begin working through an audit of your brand.

As your business shifts, your needs from us will too. Need more one-to-one time? You can add more. Need a designer to pull off a refresh inline with your strategy? No problem.

It takes a team to build a brand, so we are happy to give access to three people in your company. Need more, speak to us about custom pricing.

Book a call with Martin

Meet Martin Sully

Possessing an unusual combination of experience across luxury branding, graphic design, marketing and brand management – Martin founded Snapper Studio to pour his love of purpose-packed branding into passionate business owners.

With 18 years of experience and a classical branding background, Martin blends strategy and creativity to connect both sides of the brain, giving business owners an external view of their brand that is hard to find. He is the host of the Level Up Podcast and has co-founded Chatterbox, a small business community.

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Pricing options


$400/month + $400 upfront

  • 45min onboarding call

  • 1 x 30min call each month

  • Mini Brand Audit

  • Weekly live calls

  • Resources

  • Membership space

  • Guest speakers

  • Weekly virtual co-working

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$800/month + $1200 upfront

  • Everything from Distinctive +

  • 3 x 30min 1-1 strategy calls each month

  • Full Brand Audit

Apply to Join

Here's how it works


When you apply, we'll review and book in an onboarding call to see if Maison is a fit for your business goals.

Access the membership space

Where you can ask as many questions as you need, and get feedback. As well as access the the virtual co-work, weekly calls and all the resources.

Brand Audit

On the onboarding call, we'll discuss the audit and you'll give us access to your brand. The audit then takes place over the first 1-3 weeks.

Audit Feedback

We'll distill that feedback into an action plan to improve your brand. Helping you grow from business to brand.


How does the application process work?

The application process is simple

  1. Carefully read this page, don’t skip a section.

  2. Book a call with Martin if you have any questions about Maison and to discuss your goals.

  3. Fill in our application form.

  4. We’ll check it out and see if we fit together like PB& J.

How many people do you allow to join?

It’s got to be intimate to work. So we can service you properly, there is no more than 25 people in the community.

Am I locked in, or can I leave?

You can leave. We have no lock-in contracts. If you’re a member, you’ll have access to the resources, membership space and live calls.

What’s a Brand Audit?

Just as houses have foundations, so does a brand. We use a brand audit to check that your brand’s foundations aren’t cracking. We use a simple traffic light system to evaluate brands and provide feedback on how they can be improved.

If you want to better understand the service, read our service page about Brand Audits.

What is your refund policy?

We do not offer refunds; we ask that you make a decision that is right for you and your business.

What do the upfront fees cover?

The upfront fee is applicable to the Visionary Membership only and it covers the Brand Audit.

If you leave Visionary and rejoin at a later stage, providing your business is the same, you won’t need to pay the upfront fee again.

I have other questions, what should I do?

If you have other questions, jump on a quick call with us to discuss if Maison by Snapper is a good fit.

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Maison 2.0

What's next? How we plan to grow

A brand is never complete, we’re already working on Maison 2.0.

We are chatting to lots of experts, with the hope of giving you better access to industry experts.

You don’t need a videographer, designer or copywriter every month, but Maison will give you access to them so you can ask questions and get a better understanding of what you need to grow.

Call for experts

So, if you’re an expert working in design, photography, art-direction, copywriting, video production, animation, marketing (digital, traditional, SEM, SEO, Content) or research, we want to hear from you.

Let's chat
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