Website Design. Turning contemplation into sales.

A short story. The other day, we went to buy something on a website. But, something gave us the heebie-jeebies. We felt that we wouldn't end up getting the product. So we stopped buying it. It broke our trust.

Maybe it was the 1990's aesthetics? Whatever the trigger, the website design needed fixing to make sure other users get the best user experience.

Great websites create better reach and build deeper relationships with their audience. Your website should be a focal point for your marketing efforts. Building trust faster than you can knock back your morning coffee.

Along with a strategic brand identity and a solid SEO strategy, this can increase profits and brand awareness.

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How we design websites

Like limes are to tequila. A brand website is best finished with a salty rim.

What we mean by that is a website is great on its own, but the brand foundations are the iceberg beneath the website. A compelling story that understands user emotions sets you apart. And if you can, integrate some bespoke photos and videos to set you apart.

Our website design process is tight. So we can deliver pleasing sites, that nod to their SEO needs while not destroying the user experience (UX).

Website Design Stages


We need 4 things in place. Brand Strategy, Brand Identity, SEO Strategy and Sitemap + Content Marketing plan.

Once that's in place, we can then brief our copywriters to work on content. If necessary, we can also plan photo and video shoots to link your brand story together.


Website Concepts – we'll design a branded, content-driven desktop and smartphone version of your site.


Amends – these are small-scale tweaks to the experience rather than full-blown redesigns.


Website development and deployment - we collaborate with trusty partners. At this point, it's over to them, with us getting involved to give it the seal of approval.

What's included in a website design:

Sitemap and Content Structure

A sitemap and content structure makes it easy to understand where the content is going. And where there are gaps for future improvements.

Brand Audit

We often need to assess the current website and branding. What assets do you have? Copy, SEO, images, videos and brand guidelines.

Responsive web design

The iPhone paved the way for accessible design. We'll make sure designs are responsively built for the future.

Templated Content Design

When you need to introduce further content, we'll have put in the hard yards upfront to ensure a smooth rollout.

SEO Optimised Copywriting

We'll optimise your brand's key message. This ensures people can enjoy reading your website, and get the message as fast as they can.

SEO Planning

At the forefront of growing your brands authority and building trust, should be a SEO plan that helps lay out future content ideas. This makes content creation simpler and makes keeping ahead of the competition easier.


Before reaching out to you, I was worried about the cost and being able to establish a usable brand in the time I had budgeted for.

But, I felt supported in the process, and you got back to me quickly and efficiently, which suited me well. You were responsive to my suggestions and open to the evolution of the brand. It has been great working with you, and I love what we have developed.

I have loved working with you so much. I recommended you recently to a colleague in NZ. You are prompt, no fuss, effective, supportive, creative and intuitive. You and your service is worth every cent.

Thank you SO much Snapper Studio. The working relationship with you makes me feel really supported. I don’t think I could have gotten to this stage without being able to bounce business stuff around. What you do is very specialised!

Dr Gillian Maddock, EMDR Australia
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Photography and Videography

Photos, videos, reels. That content train keeps on rollin' and your brand needs to jump on.

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