Branding encompasses everything we do

Our flexible skills cover all our branding services. Consisting of key attributes needed to create brands. Brands that have more cut through than a drop of lemon juice falling into an open cut.

We're not here to dictate to you how a project should go. Our role is to guide you and help combine everything you need to create your future brand.

Our capabilities

Brand Strategy

At Snapper Studio, building your brand DNA is at the heart of all our decisions. Without a strategy, building a brand can feel overwhelming and confusing.

Working with you, we'll develop a strategic brand to achieve your goals. And equip you with the clarity, confidence and education you need to lead it into the future.

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Brand Identity Design

A brand identity that matches your brand DNA is ridiculously important. More important than remembering not to go to the shops in just your undies.

We'll create all the visual gubbins that your brand needs to shift audience perceptions.

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Website Design

Websites are one of the best focal points of your marketing. Helping build trust faster than a chinway over a cuppa Twinings Tea.

Your website gives customers an impression of what you stand for and communicates what you're selling. A thought out website offers opportunities to engage the audience. Leading to greater brand awareness and more profit.

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Photography & Videography

Photo's, video's, reels. That content train keeps rollin' and your brand needs to jump on. Content should reinforce the message, cut through noise, connect with your audience and aid conversion.

Photography and videography are key components of content creation. Helping you communicate your brands emotive connection.

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Hot Metal Brand Podcast 🎙️

A dose of brand knowledge, inspirational tales from brands and bite-size tools to help you transform your brand.