The irresistible brand strategy workshop

It's time to start building a brand that your customers love.

If you want an authentic, globally recognised brand that stands out from the competition.

You need my 8-step process to building an authentic brand with an emotive story.

Monday 13 June 2022 – 5-7pm

Investment $350
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Hey, I'm Martin!

I help people conquer their branding.

I neglected to work on my brand strategy.

Honestly, I had no idea who my customer was and what the audience was feeling. My content didn't speak to them. I just hoped for the best. And, don't even talk about my brands voice!

To fix this – I worked hard on making an authentic brand, and an experience people wanted to get involved in. I looked at brands that rocked my world. I worked out what people really, really wanted from me. Then made Snapper Studio's position super clear.

I found 8 key steps that can help any brand to stand out, and started testing it on the new clients I was attracting.

Their results matched mine — better communications, revived energy, more conversations and more sales.

If you'd like me to guide you through my 8 step process on how I build brands, I'd love to!

6 big things you'll learn from me

We're going to cover

Workshop + Workbook + One-to-one = $250

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"Covid-19 presented challenges for my business. I had to diversify my future plans. Luckily this workshop presented itself at the right time.

I initially thought it would be too start-up-based, but it was so helpful to go back to the beginning and think about our why, what makes us unique, how I want our members to feel, and how I can provide value. This thought process has been invaluable for the future plans. 

The workshop activities were simple, but really beneficial for brainstorming our brand values, target market and clarifying what we don’t want!

Thank you, Martin, for a fun and engaging workshop! I am really looking forward to following up with you to work on future ideas and strategies.

Amy Beckett – The Business Blender


If you want an authentic, recognised brand that stands out. Come learn my 8-step process. Here's what you get.


A 2-hour hands-on workshop where you can start building your strategy.


A 103-page workbook to help you write your strategy.

1:1 Consultation

A follow-up call for strategy feedback. (Valued at $350)

Investment $350