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WTF is a brand strategy?

Learn three simple tools to start creating your own stand-out brand.

Let's set the scene

You start your own dream business to balance work and play. You want to build passionate fans and grow your business.

You find yourself spending a lot of time switching between different suppliers, designers and photographers without a plan. You begin to realise your brand isn't looking so consistent, and it's probably not connecting with your dream clients in the way that it could be.

Stop. Right. There. You're missing one key ingredient, a brand strategy!

The problem is, you assume branding is complex, time-consuming and expensive for your small business.

And it can be. But, the thing you need to remember is:

Vibrant palm trees against a backdrop of sunlit clouds.

Branding touches every tiny decision you make.

So if you need:






I'll help you understand your Vision and give you a clear direction.

I'll help you find your Mission. Something that gets you up and excited for the day.

I'll help you define your Voice, show people how amazing you are and why you matter to them.

I'll help you find your ideal Audience so that you can build relationships with them.

I'll help you find your Values, so you can inspire, entertain and educate.

This workshop is for you!

It includes:


2-hour workshop

Limited to 10 people


28-page Workbook

An editable document to help you create your own brand strategy.


1-on-1 call

A 60min follow-up call (valued at $175) for strategy feedback

An overview of the cover of the workshops workbook that you receive when you signup. It's superimposed on the screen of an iMac, on a purple background.

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