How important is a brand strategy?

All too often, branding is seen as something that big businesses have, that startups and small businesses don't need. It's not important. The priorities are the products and services themselves, and finding a way to make money. In reality, having a brand strategy is important for a company of any size!

By branding, I don't just mean a name, logo, font, and colour palette. These are a part of branding that most people understand, but they are the bare minimum of what your brand should represent.

A brand strategy outlines 8 key areas from foundations through to target market, customer experience and brand aesthetics. It's one thing you need to have in order to create a long lasting memorable brand.

If you haven't got a brand strategy, I'd recommend either working through my course – the Irresistible brand strategy workshop, or working with me one-to-one so I can help you create your strategy.