Print Management


As creatives, we love print. From brand stationery to publications to signage, we can help you pick printers, papers and finishes, to ensure the final print smashes your expectations.

Flatplan for a large format publication designed by us.

As creatives, we love anything printed. From books to stationery, we've been involved with print management for over 15 years - picking printers, papers and finishes, and preparing artwork to be printed. For us, there is no better feeling than getting your design back from the printer, and it smashing your expectations.

So what is print management? You have a document that's been lovingly put together and need 13,000 copies by the end of the month. We'll oversee the whole process, selecting the most incredible printers and papers (within your budget), making sure that it's printed correctly and delivered in time.

Our close ties to local printers mean that we are always on top of new developments. Ensuring that we can cover small jobs, mighty jobs and creative jobs.

Our process

There are two ways this can play out.

  1. You're coming to us with a project that has been designed by yourself, but you need some finishing touches, you are not sure who can print it, how to get it to them, and how to tell them what you want.
  2. You'd like us to design you something, and you need us to handle and recommend the way to print the project.

For either scenario - we will specify the papers and print finishes, and get quotes to see who is offering the best value for money for the finished print job.

We will then oversee the preparation of the artwork for print. Alongside you, we will check that the printer's proofs are accurate before it goes to press.

We will also create digital artwork (PDF's, JPG's, etc.) to ensure that you can promote it on your website, social media and email campaigns. All final artwork is stored on secure servers and given unique job numbers for simple tracking.

Unique project codes for cost-effective print management

Our unique project codes make updating artwork really simple. You can reference your unique code, and we will quickly update the files. Making it a cost-effective solution for your business.

Promotional marketing brochure, designed by us and printed with by Emmersons press in the UK.