How to supercharge your brands emotions to help engage and make sales


A customers buying decision is fuelled by emotion, not logic. A Rolex is a status symbol. Gyms give you confidence.

When you understand how to sell using emotions, you can harness emotive copywriting and visual cues to increase customer engagement. And encourage customer loyalty, which goes towards making them stick around for the long term. All while not manipulating people.

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I got 99 problems, but branding ain't one 😎

We're not saying you have problems (we all have them). But every day we hear "My brands terrible!" or "Don't look at my website."

That's fueled by a lack of confidence and a tonne of terrible advice.

We don't know everything, we're still learning. But, we do know all that advice leaves people scratching round like a wombat, finding nothing but square poo's.

So before you run off and throw more shit on top. Do the quiz below. Read our blog posts. Listen to our podcast. They contain lots of high quality brand info.

Emotive branding saves you time and money 😎

This download will save you time, money & sanity. You can pump lots of money into "all-in-one" companies that promise everything for you – branding, marketing, website, SEO and social media.

When in reality if you have a hyper-focused brand that makes an emotional connection to your customers – you'll attract superfans – that will help save you money.

The quiz is a bit of fun, but at the end you get access to a quick 15 minute task that helps you uncover the feelings you want to sell.

You'll learn 5 ways that branding experts, like us, use feelings to congeal brands together.

Our brand strategy workshops focus on this with every brand. So if you have a content, awareness or reputation problem. Bam! Unleash this tiny superhero.

We should warn you, we can't promise more sales, as we're not applying our knowledge to your unique business.

Gillian Maddock, EMDR Australia

"Before reaching out to you, I was worried about the cost and being able to establish a usable brand in the time I had budgeted for.

But, I felt supported in the process, and you got back to me quickly and efficiently, which suited me well. You were responsive to my suggestions and open to the evolution of the brand. It has been great working with you, and I love what we have developed.

I have loved working with you so much. I recommended you recently to a colleague in NZ. You are prompt, no fuss, effective, supportive, creative and intuitive. You and your service is worth every cent.

Thank you SO much Snapper Studio. The working relationship with you makes me feel really supported. I don’t think I could have gotten to this stage without being able to bounce business stuff around. What you do is very specialised!"

Dr Gillian Maddock, EMDR Australia
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