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Snapper Studio collaborates with businesses all across Australia to provide guidance and design expertise on their annual reports. These documents need to sit within a brand's identity and be clear, functional and engaging.

Annual Report Design brings together multiple design theories and skills from infographics to information design. A solid structure of the document is needed and attention paid to the hierarchy of typography. The layout should be clear. Images and artwork are selected to highlight and accompany the copy. Your annual report is likely to be presented to an important target audience.

If needed, we have extensive experience in handling printing. We love to help choose papers and printers. There's something a bit special about selecting a tactile environmentally friendly stock, which throws lamination and fancy printing techniques to the wind. With concerns about plastic use, it's essential to choose wisely to ensure your brands' values are intact.

Here's what to expect from our Annual Report Design package:

Our process

First up, we need to know more about your company. Once you've supplied us a brief, paid a 50% deposit and met up with us to discuss the brief and additional elements - we can begin.

We always start with a focus on the content. The content drives the design, so if you have text pulled from a previous annual report, we'll run this through our copywriter to ensure it reads fluently. If you don't, we can introduce our copywriter to the equation.

The next step is for us to design a typical 2-4 page section and a financial table for approval. Once this is signed off, we can begin designing all the other pages. Once you receive this PDF from us, you get up to 3 rounds of amends included, but with proper planning, you often won't need all three, but they are there for just in case. To help the process, we'll even provide you with a guide on how to effectively mark up a pdf with comments and corrections.

On sign-off, we will provide a print-ready PDF of the document (if you are sourcing your own printer), a web-ready PDF to add to your website. Or we can handle the printing and add it to your website for you.

Annual Report Design