Annual Report Design


We'll collaborate with you to provide graphic design expertise for your annual report. Ensuring the document sits within your brand identity and is clear, functional and engaging.

This is for you, if:

  • You have brand guidelines
  • You have a board of directors/stakeholders that you need to address
  • You have all the content, but want to present it to your audience in an easily digestible manner
  • You have financial results documented in an accessible format
  • You have a collection of images from across the year

What’s included:

  • Consultation call and design brief discovery
  • Flatplan development
  • Concept design, and up to two rounds of amends
  • Print-ready PDF's
  • Web-ready PDF's
  • Storage of project for cost effective support
  • Follow up to make sure everything is just right.
Inner pages of Centennial Coal Annual Report. Featuring Airly mine and a simple design including images, icons, graphics and text.

We collaborate with businesses all across Australia to provide guidance and design expertise on annual reports. These documents need to sit within a brand's identity and be clear, functional and engaging. Annual Report design brings together multiple design theories and skills from infographics to information design.

Within the limits of brand guidelines, a solid grid structure is needed and attention paid to the hierarchy of typography. The layout should be clear, and Images should be selected to highlight and accompany the copy. Your annual report is likely to be presented to an important target audience., including board members, investors and key stakeholders.

An annual report is one of the most important documents that your brand will produce. Sharing success stories, areas that can be improved and reinforcing your company values and goals is so important. It gives you an opportunity to celebrate, reflect and improve, and can be easily packaged up into a document that reinforces your environmental goals.

We're armed with a tonne of knowledge about environmentally friendly printing. A tactile environmentally friendly stock, throwing lamination and fancy-pants printing techniques to the wind, will beautifully reflect your brands' values. We'll also provide you with an easily digestible digital version to use online.

Our process

You'll need to share your brand guidelines, and any previous reports you've made. Along with a consultation call, we'll know exactly what you want to achieve, and what you don't want to achieve from the document.

Similarly to our publication design service, we need to begin by putting together a flatplan. A flatplan allows for ample space to include all the content, and gives the designer an idea of how to pace the publication, from picture sections, to articles, to financial results.

Our next focus is the content. The best place to begin, is to pull text from a previous annual report, or if this is your first, we can introduce you to some copywriters. To create the most impact, we always pair beautiful copy with incredible images to engage your audience.

We'll design two typical 4-page sections and some financial tables for concept approval. On your approval, we will begin designing the remaining pages. On completing the first draft of the whole document, we'll send you a PDF, and instructions on how to markup all corrections in the PDF. We suggest collating all feedback between each round of amends to avoid costly additional amends.

On sign-off, we will provide a print-ready PDF of the document (if you are sourcing your own printer), a web-ready PDF to add to your website. Or we can handle the printing and add it to your website for you.

Annual report design for Celtic football club.


If you don’t feel confident handling the printing of your annual report, we can help you source print quotes, organise press checks and get the final documents delivered to you.