Does my small business need branding?

For a long time, branding was a fluffy-pink-marshmallow kinda concept. Reserved for businesses with boardrooms. But, this is 2022 and coffee shops are our boardroom.

Small businesses, need branding. Investing in a sh*t hot brand before getting their social media channels and website sorted, is key to building a unique brand customers want more of.

I might not know you yet, but I know what you want.

You want to stand out and stand up for what you believe in. You're passionate! You want authenticity, and for people to love your services and products. You want a brand that customers find irresistible.

"But, hang on Marty!! You're like a freaking mindreader, how did you know all that?"

I wanted all that. I did the social media workshops and marketing masterclasses. I spoke to the gurus. I ran ads that attracted more sandflies than sales. After all that, my brand was still unknown, confused and lacking direction.

Here's a story. Once upon a time...

A boy named Martin neglected his brand.

Ok, I didn't say it was a good story. I had no idea who my ideal customer was, how they felt and when I created content, I just hoped for the best.

So, how did I create a brand and build an experience that people wanted to connect with?

First, I doubled down on my strategy – and create a framework that helped other brand's stand out.

I tested the strategy on new brand's I attracted and their results matched mine — better comms, more energy, conversations and ultimately sales.

Ready to build the brand you and your customers love? Let's get to know each other.


Let's chat – come tell me all about you, your business, your vision and goals. I can then answer any questions you have about branding or rebranding your business.

Come and book a quick 20-minute slot to see if you're interested in working with me.

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Packages & pricing

My goal is to take your vision from an idea to a well-loved brand, making thoughtful, considered choices on the way.

1:1 DFY Brand


The custom roadmap to a brand identity you love. From a Brand Booster call, we'll set out an action plan and tailor a package to your exact needs.


60-min Brand Booster call

Action plan + brand strategy workbook

Brand identity concept with touchpoint designs

Brand identity developments

Brand guidelines + all files and variations

Unlimited support throughout

15 days brand coaching on completion

FROM $3000

1:1 DFY Brand + STRATEGY


Upgrade the STAR(TER) package to really amp up your brand. This package arms you with everything you need to brand, re-brand and launch.


60-min Brand Booster call

Action plan + brand strategy workbook

Half-day strategy workshop

Brand strategy document

Implementation call

Brand identity concept with touchpoint designs

Brand identity developments

Brand guidelines + all files and variations

Unlimited support throughout

30 days brand coaching on completion

FROM $7000

Please note: The total cost of STAR(TER) and PRO are guidelines and depend on optional add-ons you need, i.e. extra coaching, web design, photography, social media templates, sales and marketing kits, typefaces and printing.

Payment plans available.

My process

A 60-min face-to-face Brand Booster Call to find out about you, your vision and what your problems are. Then I'll explain how I can solve them, give you an action plan and a no-obligation quote to move forward.

We'll get together to firm up the brief, find out any essential information. And if you're going PRO we'll run a strategy workshop and explore the branding framework outlined below.

Everything starts with a sketch. I work using a one concept method that fits the brief. This makes sure it fits your audience, your budget and your vision. All brand touchpoints are provided for review.

This is a collaborative process, so we'll work closely together to assess the brand concept, alter it if needed and start working our way towards delivery.

I put the finishing touches on all the assets, deliver your visual brand in a beautiful set of brand guidelines and give all the files you need to launch with clarity and confidence.

But we're not done there, you get complimentary support included in your package.


Your brand is unique — so's my strategy framework. Together we might look at:

Clarifying your foundations

What do your want customers to feel? How are you currently communicating? What's your why? Your unique selling proposition (USP). We'll uncover customer misconceptions and work out what they really want. And... set brand goals.

Positioning your brand

How to build a solid reputation and analyse brands that got it all wrong. We'll work out your brand values, vision and mission statements and start crafting an emotive brand story that customers connect with.

Understanding your target market

We'll define who your ideal customers are, who you don't want to attract, why customers should love your brand and create customer personas to help you speak to your people.

Analysing your competition

We'll analyse your competition so you are one step ahead, and innovating so you stand out.

Planning your customer experience

We'll map out your brands customer experience in detail. Looking at the culture you want to build in your brand. How customers start their journey, end their journey and how to turn them into mega fans.

Finding your brand voice

Time to humanise your brand and speak to your customer personas. We'll throw imaginary parties so we can see how your brand interacts with people, develop CTA's and make a list of banned words and phrases.

Naming your brand

Naming a brand is hard work. It can take days, weeks or months. If you haven't already got your a name, we'll create it together and check that it's legally viable.

Discovering your brand aesthetics

We'll start piecing together the aesthetics you want to see and begin tying the visual and strategic brand together. This leads perfectly into designing your brand's visuals.

"Martin has been a great asset to our team, working with us on several large design projects, producing some fantastic work. He is patient, efficient and accommodating to ensure the desired result is achieved. He works quickly to produce high-quality designs, often to meet tight deadlines."

Amanda Cartwright, Reflections Holiday Parks

Poster design with 3 people laughing on the beach


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