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Your logo design shouldn't bring you out in a cold sweat, it should make you all warm and fuzzy. Maybe it's time for a small logo refresh or a couple minor tweaks to your branding. You might want to consider a logo/brand refresh for any of the following reasons —

  • The logo is inconsistently presented over different marketing methods;
  • The logo is outdated;
  • The business has changed significantly since forming;
  • The branding is too restrictive and doesn't give us the flexibility we need;
  • Auntie Karen said that it looks like something from the '90s.

Here's what to expect from our logo refresh package:

Our process

Auntie Karen is right. Time to give that logo a spruce up, but before we run the shower, we need to discuss your current assets. What you love, what you don't, problems that you are facing, and how far we can push the improvements.

Once we've inspected your brand, we offer our advice on the best way forward for your business and present a proposal that is bespoke to your business.

If you're happy for us to proceed, we will create a Moodboard of a mix of visual design images and colour palettes. This sets the tone for us and helps you understand the art direction we have in mind and is another stage for us to collaborate on.

Logo Design

We will put forward three fresh logos - using existing brand elements - for you to choose from. These will polish up your current brand, it might be a new colour palette, a different font, etc., to improve your existing branding.

The proposal includes a round of minor adjustments to perfect the final logo. Most clients choose a logo on the first round, but the option is there.

Logos are presented in black and white and include some in situ mockups so you can see how it will look when it's finally out there.

Final logos are uploaded to a file-sharing system, where you can store them and distribute to whoever you want. We'll also store copies just in case.

Brand Guides

A Brand Guide outlines the details of the logo refresh and how to achieve consistency across your marketing touchpoints without us holding your hand.

We'll clarify how to best use your shiny new logo, fonts for both print and digital, colour palettes, supporting graphics, photography and anything else that crops up. If you have existing fonts, colours, graphic elements, we will also include these.

Logo Refresh