Brand Photography


Step aside logos, fonts and colours — an art-directed photoshoot will compliment your brand identity. Capturing the people, products & services that your customers love.

What is brand photography?

Brand photography is telling the story of your products, services, people and places in a way that your customers engage with. It can be professional, clinical, or fun. Either way it needs to fit into your brand and make you look better than all the competition.

Having spent 4 years working on some of the worlds biggest books, I grew to really understand building a story and connecting customers in an emotive way. I aims to tie together your brand story in a visual way. I want to connect your customers to the products and services they are buying. And, showcase the people behind it.

A physiotherapist treating a girl with acupuncture.

Our process

So you need some photos for your website, PR or social media channels? The consultation call will tell us all we need to know. If you have brand guidelines that you need us to shoot within, that's great! If not we'll work through moodboards to discover a unique style for your brand.

Either way, we'll collaborate with you to capture a range of pre-planned shots.

Technical Info

Delivery & File Sizes

We will deliver high and low resolution images on a customised online gallery. What files can you expect to receive?

  • Large 'High Res' JPEG files for print – 6000px x 4000px, 300dpi, 6MB (great for printing at A2, but can be easily blown up to billboard size)
  • Small 'Low Res' JPEG files for web – 3000px x 2000px, 72kb, 500kb (small to download quickly, big enough to still look great on a big screen)

Image Editing

We filter and process the best images from a shoot. Images will be colour corrected and enhanced to match your brand style.

All images are are provided without watermark.

Black and white brand photoshoot for Mara Consulting, with a lady in a hat and sunglasses looking off to the right laughing.

Preparing for your photoshoot

We highly recommend planning for your shoot a few days before. Put your ironed outfits to one side, and any styling and props can be brought and kept safe.

Bring spare outfits or layers that can be easily removed. This adds vibrancy and makes it look like you haven't just gone to 4 locations in a day to grab different shots (even if you have).

With outfits, try to keep the colour palette minimal in big group shots, and avoid stripes or detailed patterns. They can clash and take your eye away from the focal point.

Props that suit your personality are great ideas, think laptops, presentation equipment, books, coffee cups, a dog, or a baby. But, whatever it is, it needs to fit the brand!

Ladies, investing in a blow dry, the morning of a shoot can have spectacular results, and will make you feel great. Fellas, think about getting a haircut/groom the week before, unless you want clean cut images.

If you're doing your own makeup, a mattifying powder is great, and anti-frizz serums can smooth down any flyaway hairs. A makeup artist can give you a striking look, which we can happily recommend.