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What is Brand Photography? A brand comprises logos, strategies, colour palettes, extra design bits and maybe even a sexy little website with some beautifully thought out copywriting. This is a sit alone (or together) service that captures the beauty of your brand story.

Your audience understands your brands' voice, the products and services you sell. But, sometimes they struggle to connect to a brand, without seeing the people behind it.

Brand photography allows us to record the visual story behind the brand, the people in it, the locations, the connections and the products.

Working out what you need the content for is really important.

Our process

To begin, you need to know where these images are going. Is it for your website? Instagram? Print? Whatever you request, it has to be fit for purpose and delivered to you appropriately. We create photos to fit your brand, so if you need space for text on a landing page of your website - we will shoot with this in mind.

We'll set you up a Pinterest board so you can start collecting a bunch of images that represent the values of your brand. These images might be cheeky, subtle, exotic, calming, personal, grungy etc. and if you're not sure, we can help you pick a style that will fit nicely.

Now, we won't recreate these images pixel by pixel, but the images created will tell your unique story.

We'll deliver the final files on a password protected gallery where you can download individual images - or the whole gallery - as either print or web-ready images. The gallery is sharable, and you can make a favourites list, and comment on photographs.

Preparing for your photoshoot

We highly recommend planning a few days before, outfits can be put to one side, and any styling and props can be brought and kept safe.

Bring spare outfits or layers that can be easily removed. This adds vibrancy and ensures you haven't just gone to 4 locations in a day to grab different scenarios.

Props that suit your personality and brand are great ideas, things like laptops, presentation equipment, books, coffee cups, a dog, or a baby if it fits the brand!

If the brand requires people to be a focal point, women should think about investing in a good blow dry, the results are spectacular, and will make you feel great. If you're a man, I'd suggest getting a hair cut around a week before, unless you want clean cut images.

As for makeup, go for natural, unless you are going for a striking look, in which case, we can help recommend some makeup artists.

Have fun

This sounds a bit contradictory, but... we use a three-step system for helping you to get the most out of a shoot, so prepare for some peculiar instructions. We want to see the real you, and how the brand is behind the scenes, this is the key for a beautiful shoot.

Brand Photography