Our Services

This is our holy grail package, our Brand Management service gives you access to a creative team that understands your brand and your business. Think of us as your very own creative team, without the overheads. You might only need us for an occasional project, or you might need us for a day a week, the more we work with you, the more we can help understand your business and it's challenges. Reasons to consider employing us as brand managers –

You may need to:

  • Resize images for web
  • Edit PDFs
  • Create editable PDFs of forms
  • Proofread documents for consistency of voice
  • Check that marketing materials are on-brand
  • Organise signage
  • Regularly update marketing materials (timetables, menus, price lists, brochures, client registration forms, flyers etc.)
  • Organise photographers or videographers
  • Get a fresh perspective when your current creative agency isn't pushing the right buttons
  • Train staff on presentation procedures, and preparing documents for clients.

Here's what to expect from our Brand Management package:

Our process

You call us in a bit of a panic and give us a seemingly impossible project. No sweat, we'll ask for extra information while we get to grips with your brand identity. Unless we created it, of course. And, dependent on the size of the project, we aim to get small jobs back to you within 24-48 hours, and big jobs completed within a week or two.

The cost for projects is calculated out on an urgency basis, with invoices sent monthly. Urgent projects are charged at a higher rate (within a working week), with non-urgent jobs (within a calendar month) set at our standard rate. This is outlined before work begins, and we will be open with you on timings to make sure tasks are completed on time.

Depending on the project, we'll send over the final artwork or organise the next steps for you. Final artwork is stored on secure servers and given unique job numbers for simple tracking.

Unique project codes for cost-effective brand management

Our unique project codes make updating or redesign artwork really simple. You can simply reference your unique code, and we can quickly update the files. Making it a cost-effective solution for your business.

Brand Management