Frequently asked questions

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How do we start a project?

We love welcoming new people into our little Snapper family. Kick-off your shoes, thongs or flip flops, grab a coffee or an inspiration juice (beer/wine) and say hi via email, phone or through our contact form on our site. Once we have an idea of what you need, we'll shoot through a contract and invoice. We require a 50% deposit on all projects or a purchase order for the full amount, so we can book you into one of our calendars.

Where are you based?

I work remotely from my office in Newcastle, NSW, Australia. If you're in Newcastle or the Hunter Valley, let's meet for coffees. If you're out of the area, we'll bend the laws of time to set up video calls to chat through your project.

What are your payment terms?

All branding, design and photography projects are split into two payments. A 50% deposit to get you into my schedule. The final invoice is due on completion.

On occasions, I am happy to negotiate (where possible) payment terms that suit both parties.

Do you require a deposit before we start my project?

Yes, to enable all my clients to benefit, I have timeslots for projects. This is a fair system that keeps existing clients happy and makes sure I can keep you happy too. A 50% deposit and signed contract books you into my calendar and ensures you receive my full attention.

What's your hourly rate?

I don't feel that hourly rates are a good indication of the overall value of design/branding projects, designers work at a different paces, so it's difficult to judge. I'll outline exactly what I'll do upfront and provide a price according to the scope.

With any project, if you decide to extend the scope during the project, no sweat, I'll send an estimate for additional work and on approval, add it to your final bill.

I have a question. How can I contact you?

The best way to get in touch with me is on my contact page, or just shoot me a call. I aim to get back to you within 48 hours (Mon-Fri, 9am-4:30pm AEST, excluding scheduled holidays).

What is the difference between a logo and brand?

A logo is an image, motif or typographic element to identify your business/brand. A brand incorporates the logos, photography/illustration style, colour palettes, fonts, and supporting design elements. It dives deep into the key messaging, tone of voice and the strategies behind your comms.

Why do you only supply one branding concept?

I'd love to supply all my concepts, but through my exploration of ideas, there will be ones that get rejected. Alongside the brand analysis form and the moodboard you select, my focus will narrow, and I'll design one concept from that. The concept will be aimed at the end-user. If you read through our Brand Identity and Logo Design service, there's a more thorough explanation.

What constitutes a round of revisions?

I offer one concept with up to 3 rounds of revisions. A concept is a presentation of the design/brand (logos, colour palettes, typefaces, photography/illustration style, etc.). A revision refers to me interpreting your feedback and actioning it, to present you with a developed concept.

Be sure to compile all your feedback into one concise email to make the most of a round. You don't want to accidentally use up a round.

I need a refresh, not a rebrand. Can you help?

My favourite task is collaborating with brands to refresh logos, colour palettes and explore new fonts. Together we'll dissect the good and the bad and give I'll create a fresh brand to enhance what you already have. Take a look through my projects or get in touch to start a conversation.

How much of my time will this take?

Approx 4-8 hours. You'll need to spend  1-2 hours filling in our brand analysis form, another 20-30 mins watching the presentations, an hour or two on calls/meetings with me. Then the remaining time will be collate feedback, answering questions, meeting with key stakeholders and approving designs.

Will you supply final designs or assets for me to use?

YES!! You need your assets to use across your social media, website and marketing. My role is to create you guidelines and templates to help you thrive in business. If you're a Canva Pro user, I can supply templates that always keep your brand consistent. If you want to take things to the next level, and are comfortable using Adobe Illustrator, InDesign and Photoshop files, I can supply final templates to allow you to create anything you want without it looking DIY.

Who owns the rights to my brand identity design?

You do! Once I receive your final payment, you're assigned all existing and future Intellectual Property (IP) Rights to anything that I create for you. I'll be storing a copy and sharing how amazing you are to my social channels, so I reserve the right to showcase your talent.

How long will it take to complete my new brand?

A branding project can take up to 12 weeks depending on what you need. It's important not to rush, it gives us both time to make the right decisions. The moodboard and logo development takes the longest, as it's where all the thinking and creativity takes place. You also need time to sit with it, and consider any modifications you want to make.

Where are you located?

I'm in the City of Newcastle, NSW. Smack bang on the edge of the city in a quiet location in Wallsend. Locally I travel to the Hunter Valley, Port Stephens and Central Coast, but have travelled as far as Coffs Harbour for photoshoots.

Do you retouch your images?

To get the best results I retouch all the images. Shoots may take a little longer, but getting your photographs right is important to me. Images are retouched and styled to fit your brand. I retouch images for colour consistency, lighting and style.

How long does it take to process my photos?

I aim to process images and get them to you within a week via a customised online gallery. If you need them back earlier than that, for a small fee, I can turn them around in 24 hour, or same day delivery option available. Just ask me.

How can we book a photoshoot?

Three ways. Email us at Call us on 02 4039 8101. Fill out our contact page form.

Can I receive every photo that you captured?

I would love to supply everything, but you won't receive all the images. I filter out the very best to send to you.

Can I print the digital photographs?

Definitely. I shoot on Canon cameras that comfortably allow me to print up to A2 in size. I have even scaled them up to billboards in the past.

Where can I get photos printed?

I can do it for you. I can print anything up to A2, on a calibrated A2 printer. You can pick from a range of papers, and the inks are all archival quality. Check out our price list.