Expanding a business service to a whole new target audience takes a revised marketing campaign.

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Green and blue stylised image, with children running away to their parents

In May 2021, long-term clients, Infuse Health opened a new, much bigger gym and launched a new service, expanding their core business offering to include movement classes for kids. The branding was in place, but we needed to put together an advertising campaign to get the message out there. The colour palette had been chosen to align with the brand, but also appeal to kids, so this was a big focal point. The imagery was inspired by the colour palette, and tied together the look and feel so it was recognisable as the same business.

To create an effective campaign, there are 4 deliverables:

  1. Brand Photography style - light and playful
  2. Posters - A0 - A5, a design capable of being used internally and externally, communicating the what and when of the service. Which can be scaled down to A5  distribution at local schools
  3. Video - fast paced, fun, exciting and collaborative.
  4. Registration Form - to help enrol children.

Oh and they needed it in record time. Like yesterday!

Launching a new service isn't simple. There's lots to consider, target market, how to talk to them and how that message is delivered, while also delivering in-line with their current brand.

Moving hastily, can cause problems, but these guys had been a long-term client, so we'd worked hard to put strategies in place to allow them space to grow without impacting the rest of the business.

The most time consuming part of a project like this is planning photos and videos, but luckily, we'd already shot some test classes at an open day they held.

We worked together what the vital information was and the best way to communicate that. This led to a poster that doubled as a flyer, a promotional video for social media ads and an intake/registration form that safely captured childrens data and made parents aware of some important T's and C's.

In the end the project was wrapped in days rather than weeks so that promotion could happen, and they could get the classes filled.

children line up against a wall ready to do a gym class
a poster that tells people that new kids classes are starting soon
a group of children with a gym instructor, squatting down and talking to the children
a registration form to capture all the details needed when a new child attends a class
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