Grey Matter Coffee Roasters

We layered bucket loads of personality and nuts into this brand identity.


Wine, in a limited dose, strips away inhibition and opens creative pathways.

Well, what if it's 7am? Best grab a coffee. Packed with chemical inducing magic, Grey Matter coffees are the answer, where the beauty lies in a sensory explosion in your mouth.

Grey Matter are ethical roasters, for them, it is all about the little details, from farm to cup. They use brains to preserve the future of coffee.

Coffee plants grow slowly, love shade and heights. Just like wine - terroir is so important! They're also endangered, suffering from deforestation, climate change, unpredictable rains and fungal infections. Research and support are needed. Grey Matter sources its beans directly from the farmers, ensuring vital research and development can be undertaken.


Grey Matter are positioned as high-quality coffee bean roasters. For café wholesale and home consumers. Leaving everyone knowing that a portion of your spend is going to farmers and research. They are passionate about sourcing beans, looking after the team, packaging products ethically and being careful to ensure every decision is morally sound.

You'll leave their cafés happy, with delicious creativity busting coffees. Knowing that the money you spend is being re-invested back into coffee. Preserving one of nature's most extraordinary gifts, and the livelihoods of millions of people.

Its brand voice is rich, velvety and slightly nutty. It perfectly blends (pun intended) witty delivery, to create excitement and flexibility to allow them to approach customers in a natural, unforced way.

For us, this brand identity went deeper. Caffeine molecules are free-flowing, organic, erratic. We developed a monolithic brand architecture that could span across future business developments, including signage, print design and digital design. The possibilities for expansion has set the brand up for longevity and helped build a beautiful brand narrative.

The brand uses a flowing organic structure, bold typography and a colour palette that is purposefully muted but with the opportunity to really have some fun with packaging.

Grey matter logo design. White text on Pantone cool grey background
branding logos designed for Grey Matter Coffee Roasters
packaging design concept for synapse and false positive coffees
business cards created by our stationery designer in our Newcastle studio
coffee bag packaging mockups for Grey Matter coffee roasters
brand photography getting to the core of the business - the green beans
supporting the brand with a photo of hands holding the freshly roasted coffee before it is packaged
the coffee roaster smoking as the door is opened to release the freshly roasted beans
corporate photo of a man pouring coffee beans into the roaster.
coffee packaging design
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Rob Greer, Grey Matter

Working with Snapper for our branding was ridiculously easy. They put together our strategy and created a brand that looks rad. Martin guided us through and built us an identity that fits our values and our target market. If you need a brand that makes your customers dribble, call him.