Our branding studio manifesto

Our promise to our people

Your brand’s affected by every decision you make. From the tone of voice in emails to the toilet paper you choose for guest bathrooms. Careful thought needs to go into every decision.

We make careful decisions on who we partner with and whether they are in business for social impact or profit. This shapes our future together and leads to our people-first approach.

We focus on integrating our brand values, processes, suppliers and goals to create positive results.

Our big juicy strategies & ambitions

We partner with brands that love to share their experience. And share our enthusiasm for creative solutions that stand out.

Brands that want to partner and have Snapper Studio as an integral part of their team.

To educate leaders on the impact a strategic brand can have on their business’s longevity. Delivered in the form of purpose-driven brand identities and emotive storytelling.

We love working with open-minded businesses that appreciate honest conversations about their brands.

Our value proposition what?

Our what

We focus on helping you make smart decisions and guiding you through the process. We'll help turn ideas into success stories using strategic branding and storytelling.

Our how

Our collaborative approach, bringing together your team, gives everyone a voice. Meaning we all work towards a single vision and structure the project to suit that.

Our why

Creating a lasting positive impact on our planet is our goal. And that future begins with us. Design has the opportunity to drive change, we’re just giving brands the chance to join us.

Our Brand Values

Be hands-on

We strive to understand your customer’s experience and your business. So we can offer the best solution to fit your needs.

Be honest

An open, honest, collaborative, done-with-you approach is the best way to create brands.

Be ingenuitive

Original creativity and unconventional ideas shape our world. Ideas are not dismissed straight away, they need investigation.

Be collaborative

We collaborate with people who love their work and value us. If you’re open-minded, you’ll end up with a project that makes a lasting impact.