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Start your design project today! To get the best results, I need as much detail as possible. A good design brief allows me to provide a better service.

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About you


About your business

Give us a brief summary of: Who you are? What you do? What you’re trying to achieve? Why it’s important? And; would you like a proposal, an estimate to complete the work or an expression of interest?



Summarise what you are hoping to achieve from this process — create a memorable brand? Increase donations? Are you trying to clarify your message? Build a loyal and engaged following across social media?

Who does the design need to appeal to? Keep this specific, your target audience should never be everyone. It should be something along the lines of: Business men and women, aged 27 - 40, with an average income of... Or Pensioners aged 65-75...

Check off as many as you need to guide what I deliver you.


Deadline and Budget

Give me a timeframe for your final delivery. A deadline allows me to see if I can achieve it and flag any difficulties in delivering your project. 

A ballpark figure is perfect and definitely better than leaving it blank. Generally, I can tailor my offering to fit your budget. But if you not sure, ask me for a starting point to give you an idea.


The little details

I use Pinterest to build the visual identity for brands. If you have a board of inspiration, feel free to share it with me below. Don't stress if you haven't got one, I'll help you.

My expectations for the project are:

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