I heard that there are 5 principles of logo design - what are they?

A logo communicates with customers, and resonates with them on a personal level. It needs to be memorable to. A lot of this comes through choice of fonts and colour palette.

Your logo needs to define who the brandi is and what you do. To make sure your logos lifespan is longer than a tailors tape measure, you need to apply 5 fundamental design principles.

Keep it simple. Your logo needs to be quickly identifiable. Our attention span is 8 seconds and getting shorter. And your customers need to know it's you straight away. Good logos deliver the unexpected, they are unique with being complex.

Look at Apples logo. It's super simple, yes it's changed form and colour over the years, but it's been simplified in line with their brand. It's smart, and can lend itself to application on many areas of the brands visual design.

It needs to be memorable – for the right reasons. Keep it appropriate to your business. If you're a florist being remembered as the company with falling leaves, will be memorable, but perhaps is suggestive that all your flowers are on their last legs.

Make sure it's timeless – avoid design trends! This logo needs to stand the test of time. Look at Apples again, that's 45+ years of the same form. How will your logo look in 10 years time? It's not unusual for a logo to hit 100 years, look at the London Underground logo. A red circle with a blue horizontal bar going through it that simply reads UNDERGROUND.

It needs to be versatile – modern logos come in a variety of shapes for use at different sizes. With the evolution of smartphones, it became the neccesary for smaller logo formats. Your logo should have the versatility to appear on anything from a smartphone or a pen to a billboard or a plane.

Make it appropriate – your logo should be fit for your audience. For example a logo for a feminine jewellery brand could be sleek and sexy in execution, but this probably wouldn't work for a professional service or a kids toyshop.