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January 19, 2021

What a wild ride it's been these last 8 months! Bushfires, droughts, floods, pandemics. That's on a national level. On a personal level, my wife and I welcomed our first child into the world, so it's been extra crazy!

With any challenge, it's best to navigate out the other side with a better position than what you went in with. With that in mind, and the business being in its 5th year, we've gifted ourselves a new brand identity and website!

Over the last 6-12 months, in between projects, we have invested time in the development of our business. We've rewritten all our services to give customers a better understanding of our processes. Added projects like Infuse Health and Reflections Holiday Parks. And, created our new website from scratch using Webflow, an incredibly powerful CMS (content management system) website builder. It's everything you want in a website build – fast, SEO friendly, responsive, beautiful and gives our designers full control over the website. It's also a great tool for anyone looking for a new website.

So, who are Snapper Studio?

We are the creative studio formerly known as Martin Sully Design. We are designers. Photographers. Writers. Videographers. Strategists. We are storytellers.

How did you go naming the brand?

I'll be honest, harder than expected! We ran through over 30 names which were either too long, too obscure or didn't have available URLs and social media handles.

We loved the idea of the journey that customers are taking. Migration is built into our studios' life. It started off in the UK, travelled to NZ and ended up in Australia - so just like a fish, it's moved around a bit. We also collectively fell in love with a font called Tuna. Which lead to us deciding on Snapper Studio, as the alliteration rolls off the tongue.

Oooh, fonts... what did you pick?

There's nothing wrong with Bebas Neue, Helvetica or Times New Roman. And, as my wife can attest – I can bore the pants off anyone about fonts. I spent my time at university idolising new fonts, with my favourite changing monthly. Either way, it's arguably my favourite part of visual identity design, and I arguably spent way too long picking out the perfect font. 

First up, Fontsmith's FS Benjamin for the logotype - a flared serif typeface. Its letterforms are precise, delicate and punctuated with chiselled angles. It feels like something that would be inscribed in stone on old European buildings. So this picks up on some of the European heritage that the company is built on.

To complement this, the supporting font is Neue Kabel. An incredible sans-serif font originally from the 1920s, remastered for modern print and digital use (read all about reshaping a lost classic). It's legible but packed full of personality. 

Told you I could bore your pants off.

What do you do?

We build brands from the ground up. From brand and communication strategies to visual identities and design collateral. We use a range of graphic design, copywriting, web design and development, photography and videography to create compelling brands with values and passion.

Anything exciting you've designed lately?

Other than our new studio branding and website, we've brought a coffee roaster brand alive, read all about the project on our case study – Grey Matter Coffee Roaster

What can we expect from your new blog?

Firstly we'll be using it to write about topics that matter. Giving us a space to use our voice, but also focus on how we can help your business – without the hard sell. 

First up, we have a brilliant post on How to plan a rebrand in 3.5 steps. If you want to plan a rebrand, we walk you through all the questions you should be asking yourself about your current brand. It will even be an excellent refresher if you have no intention of a rebrand, you just need to look at clarifying your thoughts.

We'll also use the blog to showcase local Newcastle and Hunter Valley brands that we love, that stand up for what they believe in and deliver their brand brilliantly. Keep an eye out for Brand Hunter.

Interested in highlighting a brand that you love, fill in our Brand Hunter form and tell us who they are and what's so incredible about them.

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Martin loves working with customers, using his design and photography skills to create unique, brave and consistent brands.

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