Publication Design


Small or large, we have the skills to bring your publications to life. Our creative director has designed and organised print for some of the biggest books ever made. Mic drop.

Publication design is our passion. Martin, our creative director started his career in large format publishing. Planning the pace and flow of a big publication takes careful work. The reward for creating something published outweighs the effort that goes into each page. We could talk for days about meticulously developing and enhancing the design, pairing it with fonts that resonate to the content and hand selecting images to bring the words to life, but we'd rather discuss projects with you.

This is for you, if:

  • You have written a book, or
  • You have planned out a publication you need to get designed
  • You have photography that you want to showcase
  • You want to create a historical document for your brand

What’s included:

  • Consultation call, or a face-to-face meeting
  • Project design brief
  • Flatplan development
  • Concept design, and two rounds of developments
  • Design of all remaining pages
  • Delivery of final design
  • Storage of project for cost effective support
  • Follow up to make sure everything is just right.
A City of Newcastle tourism guide. The headline reads Meet in Newcastle and there's an aerial image of Newcastle underneath the text.

Our process

Kicking a project off with a consultation call or a face-to-face meeting will give us a good opportunity to discuss the requirements and for us to work on a project brief together.

Next, we need to work out a structure for the publication, a flatplan can help in a few ways. It allows for ample space to include all the content, and give the designer an idea of how to pace the publication, from picture sections, to articles, to included adverts.

The content – words and images – is the most important part of any book, magazine or brochure. To create the most impact, pair beautiful copy with incredible images and you will be well on your way to engaging your audience. The content leads the design of the inner pages, and the cover sells the publication.

Once content is together, we design a section to see how fonts, colour palettes and images combine. Once the concept is approved, it sets the style for the rest of the pages and we can finish off designing the rest. We'll then send it to you and the copywriter/editor, and as soon as the publication is appoved, we'll run some final checks and prepare the artwork for printing. We'll then send you print-ready PDF artwork for the printers, and a digital version for you to distribute.

Celtic Midi Opus flatplan for a large format publication designed by us.


If you don’t feel confident handling the printing and publication of your book, don't panic, we got your back. We have handled a wide range of printing and publishing. We've worked with printers to create some of the biggest books in the world, for some of the biggest brands in the world - Ferrari, Manchester United Football Club, Michael Jackson.

If you're in need of assistance publishing the book with book retailers, including Amazon, we can help you do this.