Our Services

So you're interested in a brand identity and logo for your business? Keeping your brand consistent, your message compelling, and the final appearance drool-worthy is our bag.

Here's what to expect from our brand identity and logo design package:

Our process

First up we need to know more about your business, there are two ways we do this. A) A questionnaire B) A face to face meeting/Skype if you're interstate or overseas. We'll set you up with a Pinterest Board, so you can pin all the logos that tickle your pickle.

As soon as you've paid your 50% deposit, filled in our questionnaire, drank many coffees with us and finished the Pinterest board. We can progress.

Brand Strategy

The questionnaire dives into the nitty-gritty of your business. This helps us identify your Brand Position - which is broken down into the why, the business values, vision, and of course target audience and market. Alongside you, we work on the Brand Experience – this takes into consideration the brand touchpoints - areas where customers will interact with your brand. We'll discuss the brand voice for all communications. The Positioning and Experience are presented to you and, on approval, we move to the sexy parts.

One Concept Method

For us to nail the Brand Appearance – we use a One Concept Method. Let us explain, and you'll understand why we build brands this way.

The Industry Standard. A designer presents you with 3-5 concepts. You pick your favourite, allowing personal preference into the process. The problem is we are creating a brand for a target market, not you. 

Our Standard. We use our research from the Brand Position and Experience, along with the Pinterest Board to work towards the Brand Appearance. 

All parties understand the goals, vision and target market from the beginning. The concept is developed to tick the boxes. This approach ensures that we meet the brief and create a brand that is appealing to the target market. 

Once we present you the concept, you get up to three round of revisions. Most clients don't generally need all three rounds, but the option is there.

Logos are presented in black and white and include some in situ mockups so you can see how it will look when it's finally out there.

Final logos and supporting graphics are uploaded to a file-sharing system, where you can store them and distribute to whoever you want. We'll also store copies just in case.

Brand Guides

A Brand Guide outlines the details of the brand and how to achieve consistency across your marketing touchpoints without us holding your hand. We'll clarify how to best use your logo, fonts for both print and digital, colour palettes, supporting graphics, photography and anything else that crops up. These are so handy, we even made one for ourselves! Your brand guidelines will vary in size - depending on how much design work is involved. At a guess, they will be around 25 pages.

Brand Rollout

The service doesn't stop there. Once you have your dribble-worthy brand guidelines, we will help roll it out across a website, social media, printed stationery, signage, editable PDF forms, branded Microsoft documents, email campaigns, and corporate documents.

Branding & Logo Design