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Book design is our creme de la creme. Our creative director started his career in large format publishing, and he's brought us up to speed with creating books with a bang. Planning the pace and flow of a book takes a lot of careful work.

There are so many styles of books. Fiction. Non-fiction. Children's. Art. Historical. We could go on, but you probably have something in mind.

If needed, we have extensive experience in handling printing. We've worked with printers to create some of the biggest books in the world, for some of the biggest brands in the world - Ferrari, Manchester United Football Club, Michael Jackson.

Here's what to expect from our Book Design package:

Our process

First up, we need to know more about your book. Once you've supplied us a brief, paid a 50% deposit and met up with us to discuss the brief - we can begin.

Focus on the content of the book and not the cover! The content drives the design. You may be a prolific writer, but running your writing through an editor is a must to ensure the text hits the target audience. If you have no idea about any of this, we can introduce our copywriter to the equation.

If it's a long book, it might be useful to work out a flatplan - so you can dedicate X amount of pages to a particular topic. This allows the writer and the designer to write and design to the appropriate space available and not overrun a page count.

All books are built on strong foundations, so we'll work out grid-based layouts to keep the design looking vibrant and textured. We'll also help select fonts that are fitting to the style of the book.

Once we have approval for the design, typefaces have been selected, and content is ready, we will gradually create sections. And start getting sign off for these as we go. On approval, pages are checked by the editor for final copy adjustments. They are then passed to our retouching team who will check the images for any problems.

On sign-off, we will provide a print-ready version of the document (if you are sourcing your own printer), a web-ready version to add to your website. Or we can handle the printing and add it to your website for you.

Book Design