I'm Martin, a graphic designer who's worked with over 200 brands.

They're not all big brands, there's some little guys too.

Whether your here for a logo update or a visual identity, I make sure it fits your brand strategy, so I don't end up burning all your time and money.

If your logo doesn't connect to your strategy, there's no way to know if it will resonate with your customers.

Luckily, I can help you with that. My process takes 2-8 weeks depending on your requirements. As soon as we've had a chat, I'll work out the total costs to get your project started, and if you're happy, I'll book you into my calendar.

Kickstart a project

Your brand's unique. For the best results we'll look at —

Your Brand Strategy

This is like logo 101! Without understanding your strategy, I won't know what you do. And, won't be able to draw a logo or design a visual identity to match it.


Ok. Now I understand your brand, I need to find a creative style to match your strategy. I'll put together 2-3 moodboards for you to sign off. Once we work that out, we'll move on to designing the logos.

Logo design & identity development

I'll design a suite of logos, research fonts, finalise colour palettes, and create additional graphics.

Brand guidelines

The combination of your strategy and a visual identity in a handy cheatsheet for all your brands' decisions. Helping you achieve consistency across your brand.

Extras: Brand collateral

Social Media content and templates, opt-ins/sales documents, branded stationery, website design, signage, uniforms & merchandise. There's so many options to choose from.

Extras: Photos & videos

Logo and visual identity complete. We can tell your story with photos and videos! They'll be used across your website, advertising, marketing and social media and have great longevity.

Ready to build the brand you and your customers love? This is the perfect start.

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"Martin has been a great asset to our team, working with us on several large design projects, producing some fantastic work. He is patient, efficient and accommodating to ensure the desired result is achieved. He works quickly to produce high-quality designs, often to meet tight deadlines."

Amanda Cartwright, Reflections Holiday Parks

Case Studies

Infuse Health

Branding, Design & Photography

I helped Infuse build a healthy kick-ass brand identity.

Grey Matter Coffee Roasters

Branding & Graphic Design

A Coffee Roaster with handfuls of personality and nuts...

Reflections Holiday Parks

Branding, Design & Photography

Nature never felt so good at one of 37 beautiful parks in NSW.