Martin Sully, owner of Snapper Studio

Martin Sully

Founder & Creative Director

Hey, that's me, founder/creative director of Snapper Studio. With my trusty side-kick Elsie.

I grew up in a small village in the UK. Life was straightforward. I went to uni, met a girl, got married and planned a trip to New Zealand. We worked and lived in Auckland for over a year. In February 2016 we moved to Newcastle, Australia. In between the degree and opening Snapper Studio, I spent twelve years working in brand design agencies, design studios, publishing and marketing agencies. I worked with some eye-watering clients like Ferrari, Major League Baseball, Michael Jackson (yep, actual MJ).

I was surrounded by some brilliant photographers, designers, copywriters and strategists. Crafting brand stories and putting my all into projects that made a difference. However, I found life in the agency world hard — uncompromising deadlines, late-nights, pitches against colleagues and poor customer service to boot. It lit a fire to create a branding agency that was the opposite. Where flexibility, manoeuvrability, collaboration and excellent customer service are the norms.

I now collaborate with local and international customers to build brands and stories. Sharing all my knowledge and passion for getting the little details just right. Helping our customers to deliver a clear vision through careful Brand Positioning, Experience and Appearance.

3 avocados to describe the branding process. A seed is the control centre. The flesh is the content. The skin is the packaging.

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